Meet the Founders

Lizzie Schaul and Raquel Catalano are two women with a vision of transforming education for children and parents. Believing that there should be no limit to a child’s pursuit of knowledge and self-growth, they began PowerPlus Tutoring with the mission to empower children and parents through education.

With a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Elementary Education, Lizzie spent over ten years in the classroom before co-authoring a children’s book and beginning PowerPlus Tutoring with Raquel in 2015. Taking the knowledge she gained from her education program and teaching experience, Lizzie now acts as Director of Education and Programming at PowerPlus Tutoring. One of her favorite roles in this capacity is being a liaison between the tutor and the parent and making valuable placements. Lizzie enjoys communicating with parents to familiarize herself with a student’s comprehensive educational landscape. This, in turn, enables her to make a fit that will ensure the best possible learning outcome. 

“We’re like the matchmakers of tutoring. It’s gratifying when you make a match that’s instrumental in changing a child’s learning trajectory and boosts their self-esteem. It’s these experiences that are truly gratifying and invaluable.” (Lizzie)

With a Bachelor’s in Finance and a passion for business building, Raquel spent years as a successful business woman, planning and operating large commercial companies before turning that focus to education. Understanding what it takes to build an infrastructure from the ground up, Raquel realized her desire to help empower others by helping to build the framework for their success. Bringing this determination and direction to education, she helps set PowerPlus Tutoring apart by understanding the whole child. Recognizing that each child learns their own way, Raquel makes it a point to choose tutors with compassion and empathy.

“You have to have compassion and empathy to understand the child’s needs and how to best teach them.” (Raquel)

Raquel and Lizzie’s mission for helping children does not stop at tutoring. Both are involved in non-profit work. Raquel is a member of Arsht Families with the Adrienne Arsht Center and Lizzie is on the board of Kristi House Children’s Advocacy Center and a member of United Way. Always backed by action, Lizzie and Raquel have donated their own volunteer time as well as offered corporate sponsorship for the non-profit organizations. Their desire to give back to the community unites with their mission to further education. It is a value of the company to both protect and educate children for a stronger future. As you can see, their mission runs through their souls and into their hearts: to empower children and parents through education.

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