Dear Tutor,

      Welcome to PowerPlus Tutoring! We are excited that you are on our team. Placement will be made with students that need support in the agreed subject areas.

     A $25 background check is required for all tutors before beginning work. Good Hire, our contracted background check company, may request additional information and at additional cost. If this is the case, please reach out to us before agreeing to pay any additional fee.

Click here to begin the screening process:

In addition to the background check, a Tutoring Contract, W-9, Covid-19 Waiver and a Direct Deposit Form are required as part of our onboarding process. You can open and sign these documents from a smartphone or computer. These documents are available on this site and must be completed prior to seeing your first student.

Tutors input and reconcile tutoring sessions weekly using our online software system, Bizstim. Deposits are made weekly based on the number of hours you worked. Deposits take approximately 2- 3 business days to post in your account. Completed hours must be submitted weekly by Friday of each week.

All tutoring sessions must be a minimum of one hour. Additional time may be added on in 30-minute increments with parental approval.

Masks during the Covid-19 pandemic will be required for all in-home tutoring sessions.

We welcome you to PowerPlus Tutoring. We are available to answer any questions that may arise. We ask that you visit our website and review the Frequently Asked Questions for Tutors.

Much success,

Raquel and Lizzie